Work highlights

Style guide maintenance

Managing the styleguide for for several years was a big responsibility that I took pride in. This included managing colors, typography, iconography, components, design patterns and more. Some of the biggest updates included:

I redesigned all of the core site icons on a grid in Adobe Illustrator. To give them uniqueness and consistency, the external edges are slightly rounded, while interior edges are flush.

Feature planning

I collaborated closely with the rest of the design team to catalog and prioritize features that had been requested by customers, management, as well as functionality that had been identified by the design team as being beneficial to customers and/or the business.

E-commerce optimization

In a competitive landscape that was shifting constantly, it was important to evolve the site in order to meet business objectives and make customers happy. Some of the major modifications that I was able to work on included:

  • Purchase path simplification
  • Filtering enhancements
  • Asset detail page redesign
  • Registration improvements
  • Shopping cart optimization

Product design and implementation

I worked closely with various internal groups to implement new products on the Getty Images website. One prominent example was UltraPacks, a credit purchasing system.

UltraPacks landing page

UltraPacks integration strategy

Multivariate testing

When tasked with implementing new features, I regularly proposed multiple options that could be tested for performance in order to meet project goals. Working closely with the development team, we would implement tests and closely monitor them until a winning solution became apparent.

Visual design

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